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you’re welcome

 English: You’re welcome Bahasa: terima kasih kembali, sama-sama   [...]


 English: goodbye Bahasa: selamat tinngal [...]


English: Please  Bahasa: tolong, senang, mohon [...]

Thank you

English: Thank you Bahasa: terima kasih [...]

good day

English: good day Bahasa: selamat siang [...]

i love you

English: i love you Bahasa: aku cinta padamu [...]

How are you?

English: How are you? Bahasa: Apa kabar? [...]


English: welcome Bahasa: selamat datang [...]


English: goodbye Bahasa: selamat jalan (addressed to the one leaving), selamat tinggal (addressed to the one staying) [...]

Happy Valentines Day

English: Happy Valentines Day Bahasa: senang Valentine’s Day (Hari Valentine) [...]

Happy birthday

English: Happy birthday Bahasa: Senang ulang tahun [...]

Good evening

English: Good evening Bahasa: Selamat sore [...]

Good afternoon

English: Good afternoon Bahasa: Selamat siang [...]

Good morning

English: Good morning Bahasa: Selamat pagi [...]
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